Mission Statement

We empower people using music, and the creative arts, helping them to develop and educate increasing their mental wellness and releasing their full potential.

Our outcomes

We will be enabling people who may have given up on a dream, see their dream fulfilled

Create a safe place for people who might not feel confident enough to go to a standard nightclub. 

Through this new-found confidence and training our clients with see a more positive effect on their mental health and lives.

We achieve this by:

  • Running DJ workshops
  • Putting on events for our clients to attend and also to perform at. 
  • Connecting people together

Our Vision

We will be focussing on people involved in the trance music scene and people with a love for this genre of music, from DJs, promoters, club owners to the clubbers. 

In particular we will be focussing on people in their late 30's onwards who may have got in a rut with life, they may feel life has passed them by and may even be unemployed. The connecting feature with our potential clients is their love for trance music. 

We want to train our clients in the art of becoming a DJ, how to write EDM, how to start your own DJ profile on social media, plus many other important skills to help them fulfil their dream of being involved in the music scene. 

We empower people using music, and the creative arts, helping them to develop.....
The first ever Saving Light event featured 35 DJs for a three day special from 26th – 27th June